UL ETL Listed 20 Inches 50cm Lenght 25W 2000k-7000k White LED Wall Washer for Building Outdoor Decoration






  • Austin

    03 Jun 2023

    This is an excellent light with a pleasant natural white tone, as the LEDs are not visible. It works best when used indirectly with the light bouncing back from a large surface. That's the whole point of a washer light; to illuminate a wide vertical flat wall.

  • Benson

    03 Jun 2023

    The product works great! The features described are on point and I give it the highest accolades. Besides the product, the service from the manufacturer is outstanding!

  • Bob

    03 Jun 2023

    This wall wash light fixture will brighten up any exterior of a home. The remote control is great that you can leave it plugged in all the time and you don’t need a dedicated wall switch for it. Excellent choice!

  • Cecil

    03 Jun 2023

    The product is as described. The lights are super bright. We use them as under lighting in our podcast studio.

  • Chris

    03 Jun 2023

    Those LED Wall Washer Light has transformed my home's nighttime curb appeal, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Its innovative design, ease of installation, and superior performance make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor lighting. I highly recommend this wall washer light for a maintenance-free, long-lasting, and stunning lighting solution.

  • Brian

    03 Jun 2023

    These wall washer lights blew me away! I did not expect them to be so well-built. They appear to be built to outlast my house. They are bright enough to add a beautiful accent to the exterior of your house while adding a security element but not overly bright to be obnoxious. The cord is long enough to route out of the way. The included mounting hardware is quite sturdy and high quality.

  • Ben

    03 Jun 2023

    I used this light to illuminate the wall on my back patio. I had a junction box located nearby, so I had my electrician come over and hook it up. It’s nice that the wall-mount brackets are included. I installed it on the exterior wall about 6” below my soffit. They are working perfect

  • Edward

    03 Jun 2023

    The amount of light is generous, given its wattage consumption. It lights up the whole wall.

  • Douglas

    03 Jun 2023

    I really like LED technology. We have brighter and cleaner lighting and we’re using less energy.  It’s very bright and emits brilliant white light that projects out the end of the LEDs. It projects light a long distance and in a wide beam so I have found it useful indoors and out. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Aaron

    03 Jun 2023

    I love this product, is amazing the color is warm and is waterproof!! is actually what I'm looking for. the service is awesome, I'm sure will come back for my next purchase thank you so much!!

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