What are the criteria for choosing a wall washer?

Shell material

The outer casing of the wall washer needs to be sized according to the wattage. The larger the wattage, the larger the heat sink needed. Many low-end products on the market use 36W/50w for very thin materials, which reduces the cost, but the heat dissipation of the product cannot be achieved. This ensures that the light decay rate of the luminaire is increased, which affects the use of the luminaire. The wall washers produced by Lingchuang Lighting use high-quality thick-material stretched aluminum, which fully guarantees good heat dissipation and delays light decay, ensuring product quality.

LED Chips

LED lamp LED Chipss are the most important factor affecting product quality. Riotinto Lighting has always used imported chips, including Taiwan's Jingyuan, Osram, American Cree and Puri. The brightness and color temperature consistency of the product are fully guaranteed. Using a 45mil chip that can pass up to 650mA, this ensures that the lamp will work 100% at half load when passing the normal current of 300mA~320mA. It is perfect for the light decay and product life of the whole lamp. Some of the lowest-end products on the market use a few cents of lamp beads. Some customers use such lamps when saving suppliers. It is easy to appear after the lamps are installed, and the lamps are continuously dead. Serious quality problems cause problems for customers.

Our RGB&RGBW light.

DMX, Wireless type available.

IP67 patented design 30-1000w aviable.

5 Years warranty with Meanwell driver ( ≥100w type)

Waterproof design

Good quality waterproof is very important for outdoor usage for wall washer.

There is two types waterproof design on the market. First type Structural waterproof ,Second type waterproof glue design.Both those types design is good , but it is very important to use good quality materials to ensure the good quality and long life for waterproof.

Rio Tinto Lighting provide IP67 design and IP66 design RGB flood light and RGB wall washer. Use best materials to ensure 3-5 years warranty life.

IP67 Waterproof test, Every piece light will test under water before shipping.

Heart of the lamp - power supply

At present, 90% of the quality problems of LED lamps are caused by power driver. Low-priced products are inevitably selected from low-cost materials, and the stability is poor;

Rio Tinto Lighting Use 5 years warranty led drivers ,For 100-1000w , we use best Meanwell power driver on the market . Quality first is our principle.

The core of color luminaires - DMX512 decoder

The high and low end decoders on the market are jagged, and the decoders produced by professional manufacturers ensure that the core components of the decoder are stable. And the aluminum shell is glued and waterproof, achieving IP67 protection level. Low-end decoders, often shortly after installation, often lose color. The color of the entire building wall washer is uncontrolled, messy, and often the red lamp is not bright. But other colors have normal quality problems. This situation is worse than not turning on the lights, the customer is not as convenient as choosing a monochrome LED wall washer.

100W AC110V DC24V IP67 Outdoor Wireless DMX Color Changing RGB LED Flood Light

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