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These lights rock! I added them into my Halloween display and they are the best lights I've ever used. They are very bright and they come with a cool remote that you can use to change the color of the lights.

once you set the color, it will stay the same color after you unplug it and plug it back in again. The range on the remote is good so you may inadvertently control more than one at a time. If you want to have them at different settings, only plug one in at a time. When you connect them again, they will remember the last setting. The remote is not fully labeled. The red, green, and blue are labeled but the other colored buttons don't say what they do... they turn the lights the color that the button is.
The remote has multiple color options and brightness levels, and on/off switch and the ability to set the lights to stay on for a couple of pre-set time increments (4 and 6 hours, I believe). If you want the lights on for a different amount of time (like I did for my Halloween stuff), just plug them all into a timer that you can set yourself.
They're pretty good lights. I've had them since September, used them about 3 times indoors and now my remote isn't working. The lights work well but my remotes don't work at all. Replaced the batteries and still not working. They're good for a while but just know the remote may not work after a certain time.
Bought these for a Halloween dance in a school gym and I’m super impressed with how bright they are! Just 4 will provide enough light (plus the DJ will have fun spin lights next to his stand) to safely host this event while still providing that dance feel AND a spooky feel for the theme! I can’t attest to their waterproofness but they do seem like good quality as far as build goes. Heavy considering size, many light options, they come with hanging hardware. I’m glad I took the risk and I think I’ll have thrilled students AND parents for our dance! (It’s a k-4 school so parents are required to stay)

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