150W AC110V DC24V IP67 Waterproof Outdoor DMX RGB LED Flood Light LED Wall Washer





  • Darren

    01 Jun 2023

    Super bright and great price. Arrived on time and love the fact that I can take them anywhere

  • Bryan Adams

    01 Jun 2023

    Great factory, have been working with them for over 5years, buying a lot of outdoor lighting, all with great quality

  • Jack Johnson

    01 Jun 2023

    It covers all areas and can be adjusted to different angles.

  • Kenny

    01 Jun 2023

    Nice and bright- can clearly see the back yard at night witht he flood pattern these lights provide. Nice, no fuss, LED switchout.

  • Russell Watson

    01 Jun 2023

    I would and will buy these again. Great on price and well built!

  • Shayne Ward

    01 Jun 2023

    Purchased 90 lights. They look and feel like very good quality. nice cord. Brightness is good, nice mounting bracket, etc.

  • Joy

    01 Jun 2023

    I have theses around my house and my barn. I live in the country and you talk about lighting things up in the dark.

  • Janet

    01 Jun 2023

    Awesome lights,very bright

  • Jocelyn

    01 Jun 2023

    They worked great and looked amazing at night.

  • Frdy

    13 May 2023

    once you set the color, it will stay the same color after you unplug it and plug it back in again. The range on the remote is good so you may inadvertently control more than one at a time. If you want to have them at different settings, only plug one in at a time. When you connect them again, they will remember the last setting. The remote is not fully labeled. The red, green, and blue are labeled but the other colored buttons don't say what they do... they turn the lights the color that the button is.

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