UL ETL Listed 20 inches 50cm lenght 25W RGB LED Wall Washer







  • Todd

    03 Jun 2023

    Using for stage lights in our church. Up lights to brighten back wall drapes. Soften the look. Everyone loves the look.

  • Vincent

    03 Jun 2023

    Perfect for my needs. As advertised and more.

  • Vern

    03 Jun 2023

    Wonderful product, Would like to find out if there is a way you can program set colors yourself. I would like to use only blues and whites on my building.

  • Ray

    03 Jun 2023

    Great light! High quality components for a fraction of the cost. I wanted to light up my house for holidays and this baby did the trick. I have subsequently found out that the same company makes a light that can be programmed with a separate controller to go with music, etc. Depending on your preference, you can't go wrong either way.

  • Sam

    03 Jun 2023

    These lights are amazing and so easy to set up. They are very adjustable with their lights and the legs they have. Definitely would get more.

  • Tom

    03 Jun 2023

    This item works well for me. It's bright enough for the space and I like that it keeps the memory when it's turned back ON.

  • Noah

    03 Jun 2023

    Amazing light! Heavy duty and strong with a thick cord to boot. I ordered this light as accent lighting behind my yoga mat while teaching. This light is so bright, I have to face the light upwards. There is a beautiful fade of colors from blues to purples pinks reds yellows and white. This light also includes a remote control to change the frequency or color to create just the right mood. Great light bar. Great product!

  • Nelson

    03 Jun 2023

    Linkable design saves so much time when installing multiple in a long run.

  • Mars

    03 Jun 2023

    This is a very well made and easy to use light bar. The colors are plentiful and bright. They include 2 remotes which work perfectly. I am thinking about installing this under the deck area of the pool for mood lighting. This is an excellent product!

  • Louis

    03 Jun 2023

    The LEDs on the light bar are out of this world bright! This thing will truly wash your entire wall or side of the house or whatever project you have and need a color wash this can do it. The modes are adjustable in brightness and speed very saturated and beautiful colors.

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