300W AC110V DC24V IP67 Outdoor DMX Color Change RGB LED Flood Light





  • Ansel

    01 Jun 2023

    I would recommend to anyone who needs a bright flood light! They are out of my expectations

  • Andrew

    01 Jun 2023

    The purchase exprience is nice....couldn't be happier with the results!

  • Angelo

    01 Jun 2023

    The fixture is well made! I love them

  • Alston

    01 Jun 2023

    I use these lights for my backyard. The light is very white and projects outward for a substantial distance. Good price and quality.

  • Alvin

    01 Jun 2023

    I bought 100w LED Flood light, so far, they are nice! I will recommend my friend also.

  • Amos

    01 Jun 2023

    Nice LED Flood Light, great for lighting up the back yard.

  • Alfred

    01 Jun 2023

    I told my friend about T Star, he bought a lot from them. We are happy about the quality and effects

  • Aldrich

    01 Jun 2023

    My electrician was shocked at what great quality these lights were. When I told him the price he was thinking I was joking because he thought they would've cost three times as much as they did.

  • Alan

    01 Jun 2023

    So far very happy to work with T Star. The color saturation of the flood light is excellent, producing rich and vibrant colors.

  • Lose

    16 May 2023

    The remote has multiple color options and brightness levels, and on/off switch and the ability to set the lights to stay on for a couple of pre-set time increments (4 and 6 hours, I believe). If you want the lights on for a different amount of time (like I did for my Halloween stuff), just plug them all into a timer that you can set yourself.

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