36W IP67 Linear Inground Stair Outdoor Ground Lamps Underground LED Recessed Driveway Light





  • dobry

    06 Jun 2023

    This was exactly what it was described as. Looking forward to using them for Christmas. I will be taking them to camp to shine up onto trees. Received them to close to Halloween so only used 2 but was a perfect lighting.

  • ingeliv

    06 Jun 2023

    These are a total must buy I have them as indoor lights in my office (for helping with pictures) and they’re so amazing. I totally wanna buy more!

  • kandi

    06 Jun 2023

    I really like the durability of this product. The lights are super bright. You’ll love them for Christmas or everyday like me!

  • saaleha

    06 Jun 2023

    These are awesome! Have used them for Marie Gras decoration and a Disco Party already. Will have multi-events to use them as well as uplighting. I also purchased the 3 plug cable.

  • Agathi

    06 Jun 2023

    Great overall! Only wish you could choose the colors for the programmed sequences…

  • Soley

    06 Jun 2023

    This is a great product, I couldn't have asked for better results. We wanted a great way to light up the front of our house and this allows us to change colors to fit seasons and occasions. Looks great for Halloween!

  • Bonaccorso

    06 Jun 2023

    I was able to light up the house for the 4th of July amazing color and brightness. The remote I wish was better quality but the lights are super bright

  • astraea

    06 Jun 2023

    Brighter than expected! They work great for college parties at night. They cover plenty of space and work great as an extra light source outside if you leave them on white.

  • Siomha

    06 Jun 2023

    I plugged them in all last night and lit up the back yard. I was so impressed that i shared a video with friends and they were also impressed by my light show

  • Risha

    06 Jun 2023

    I definitely love to set the mood on my home to reflect the seasons/holidays. These lights let me set any color I want. They are bright without being harsh. Low watts definitely helps with electrical bill.

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