Round Flood Light LED Outdoor DC24V 36W for Tree Building RGB LED Light





  • Orland

    06 Jun 2023

    We saw the same exact light at the neighborhood box store for almost twice the price each. I need 4 of them and when I saw This set of 4 on Amazon for under $90.00 - I just had to buy them. Very happy with the quality and easy install - we only had them for one week so can’t give you advice as to how long it will last but so far we really like the light that they put out.

  • Philomine

    06 Jun 2023

    The 3000k lamp color provides a warmer light then most landscape lighting that often makes things look like prison yards and the 390 Lumens is plenty of light. The light fixtures are aluminum, perfect for my very sunny and salt air environment. All lamps survived the 14+ inches of rain hurricane Eta dumped on them,, no leaks! I used a lighter 16 AWG wire as I was only running 6 lamps; so, I had to put a non-conductive spacer between the wires to make provided clip connections work correctly. The only hard part was burying the wire.

  • Umeka

    06 Jun 2023

    I upgraded my old halogen lighting fixtures but kept the original 600 watt transformer. These seem to be well made and are easy to install. The press-on connectors are much better than my old lights. I still covered them with electrical tape to assure a weather proof connection. The wall washers throw off plenty of light in a useable wide pattern. A set of 4 and a couple spots covered my front yard and entryway quite nicely. Good price. Fast delivery. What’s not to like?

  • Willola

    06 Jun 2023

    Ordered these a few months ago.

    - Quality light, very bright.

    - Using to uplight large trees.

    - Plastic clip to attach to wire. Question long term stability but I wrapped with electric tape and so far so good.

    I would recommend you give these a try.

  • Izekiel

    06 Jun 2023

    loved the lights - wanted to buy more but weren't in stock

  • Jalila

    06 Jun 2023

    These turned out to be even better than I hoped. They aren't aircraft steel or anything and some of the screw together poles didn't snug up perfectly but you can't tell from 10'+ away. They look very nice, are much brighter than my old incandescent lights, and installed without any rewiring. As long as they hold up well over the next few years they'll be a solid purchase.

  • Latressa

    06 Jun 2023

    I’ve ordered several and will order or buy nothing else for landscape lights. Metal housings that don’t fade, lights been going strong for 2+years without even a flicker!

  • Emanuelle

    06 Jun 2023

    It's nice and bright, we get snow here, so hopefully the snow won't damage it, but so far, it withstand some heavy rain. It's easy to install, but make sure you pick up a driver along with it. This DOES not come with the driver. I got a cheaper driver that just turns on, and I plug the driver into a KASA smart plug and now its smart path lights.

  • Finton

    06 Jun 2023

    The pictures don't do these lights justice. They are beautiful and give off a good amount of light. They were easy to install and worked with the first connection. Very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend.

  • Elisama

    06 Jun 2023

    Using as spot lights to illuminate plants against house. They are bright and easy to direct. Easy to install after running new wiring. Would recommend.

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