UL ETL Listed 40 inches One Meter Length 50W 2000k-7000k White LED Wall Washer






  • Ivan

    03 Jun 2023

    Excellent and very versatile. Very bright, heavy duty and clear light. The colors are amazing and truly wide field. I use it on our front porch and use a different color each nihht. My neighbor likes it and so do I. Seems much better quality and heavy duty compared to others. Remote is fast and tough. Would highly recommend.

  • Kyle

    03 Jun 2023

    The colors are amazing as well as the lighting. The remote control is very useful with this unit. The installation is easy enough and comes with the hardware. The lights are vibrant and bright. I would recommend this wall washer for the overall quality and the vibrant colors

  • Geoffrey

    03 Jun 2023

    The light is perfect, very bright and works great. The remote is a great option! Highly recommend it!

  • Glendon

    03 Jun 2023

    This light was extremely bright! It illuminated my my whole back yard. The remote took me a bit to figure out, but was overall easy to use.

  • Cliff

    03 Jun 2023

    This wall wash light fixture will brighten up any exterior of a home. The remote control is great that you can leave it plugged in all the time and you don’t need a dedicated wall switch for it. Excellent choice for the DIYer.

  • Edgar

    03 Jun 2023

    Easy to install high quality light that will add that extra bit of flair and mood to your backyard. A definite addition to a dark corner worthy of being a show piece and not just hidden in the dark.

  • Gino

    03 Jun 2023

    We have a large empty space at the front of our building, with only our sign on it. We were looking for a way to spruce up the front of the building so we got this light. The simple color addition makes a huge difference, it allows us to change the color of our logo and theme it with the time of the year. For valentines we just changed the color to red and it looks so nice. For St Patricks day we will change it to green, etc. It really is an inexpensive way to bring some character to your wall.

  • Austin

    03 Jun 2023

    The product works great! The features described are on point and I give it the highest accolades. Besides the product, the service from the manufacturer is outstanding! I had an issue with a missing part of my shipment and they responded immediately. They shipped the missing part overnight and I couldn't be happier with my lights and the service received. I highly recommend this product!

  • Apollo

    03 Jun 2023

    Had to make my business pop in fall/winter when the sun goes down early . It made the statement I wanted to give . “THE we are open “ LOOK ! And it did just that I like how we can change the colors to the seasons or holidays it gave Christmas this year with red and green since we bought multiples

  • Caspar

    03 Jun 2023

    Would definitely recommend.

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