Linear Underground Lamp 9W IP67 Waterproof Rectangular LED Inground Light





  • vardit

    06 Jun 2023

    Bought 4 only needed one for the whole front of the house but have so many ideas for the rest. The remote part stinks and trying to sync. You have to be like right on top of it or it dosnt work but other then that the colors are amazing and bright.

  • Carri

    06 Jun 2023

    Beautiful brightness with rich color. Great buy and value for its cost.

  • steenie

    06 Jun 2023

    Using these to light my Halloween displays. So far only have one I’m using. I’ll add more as I put out more decorations. Very bright, with lots of colors and modes to choose from. I like that remote remembers the last setting you used. Two remotes are included, however I’m only using one. I would buy this set again.

  • perchuhi

    06 Jun 2023

    These spot lights were easy to set up and are very bright. I originally ordered them to light up the trees on the edge of my property, but they are a little smaller than I had envisioned. I decided to keep them and I used them on the front of my house for Halloween.

  • kage

    06 Jun 2023

    I couldn’t believe what a DRASTIC difference this made for my Halloween and Christmas decor! After I lit my house for Halloween, 3 other houses bought these lights and our street regularly had traffic with people looking at our homes. It’s a HIGH return on investment considering how affordable these are. If you’re debating between lights on a roof, or these, spend the money here!

  • Bink

    06 Jun 2023

    We were in the market for some outdoor lighting. We kept buying and returning kit after kit until we came across the Usteller 4 pack!! For the price, its unbeatable. We've set them outside (in Florida) for the holidays and have been so impressed with the durability, brightness, and color selection! There are multiple timer features, DIY colors, pattern for light movement, and a ton of other possibilities. The set came with 4 lights and two remotes- but one remote works for all. We kept the other for a backup! Great for all seasons.

  • Makolm

    06 Jun 2023

    Wasn’t expecting such a small item but was amazed by the quality of the product when I got it working & found it bright with multi-functioning capabilities. It shines on my fountain out front making it look beautiful but also disappearing into the landscape. As long as they will last, I will love them.

  • petunia

    06 Jun 2023

    Alot of light from a small light, prefect

  • Chryne

    06 Jun 2023

    So happy with my purchase. Lights are bright and have a lot of color options.

  • Aquene

    06 Jun 2023

    These lights are really nice and I love the way you can control all the features and how inexpensive they are. I ended up ordering ten so I can light up the front of my house Red, White and Blue. I also love that the colors are powerful and defined.

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